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JM Corporate Finance was founded in 2009. The company combines the experiences of senior advisors who each have a proven track record in both SME and international transactions in each and every line of business. Furthermore, JM Corporate Finance has developed also a close cooperation with several other reputable corporate finance advisors. Our clients vary from SME business owners to large corporations and multinational enterprises. We also carry out corporate finance services for banks, informal investors, lawyers, trustees of bankruptcy and participation companies.

Meanwhile, there are over ten expert advisors associated with JM Corporate Finance. This makes JM Corporate Finance the largest independent organization in the southern part of The Netherlands specialized in Corporate Finance. The company operates on a national basis and is also associated with the international organization IAPA in order to be able to provide international corporate finance services to its clients and to carry out market research assignments.

Thanks to the unique combination of expertise and hands on experience and background in accounting, (international) tax counseling and issues in business oriented economics, any corporate finance process conducted by JM Corporate Finance is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, we are able to offer our clients first class advice end services. JM Corporate Finance’s core values are as follows;

  • Full-time experts and business consultants
  • Services to both SME and international enterprises
  • Large network of experts
  • Constructive and solving problems
  • Seniority and passion
  • Primary focus on quality assurance

We are available to provide to you our quality services and look forward to arranging a first meeting with you during which we can discuss your objectives and present to you a tailor made plan of actions.

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