JM Corporate Finance attends the IAPA International EMEA Conference in Norway for advisory firms

JM Corporate Finance attends the IAPA International EMEA Conference, Norway,

for senior partners in global business advisory firms. 

May 31, 2018

JM Corporate Finance, located in Breda and Amsterdam, was among the 35 delegates and 22 global business advisory firms across 14 countries attending IAPA’s Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) regional conference held in Oslo, Norway, 25-27 May. JM Corporate Finance is a member of IAPA, a leading international association of independent accounting, business advisory and law firms with over 160 member firms in some 65 countries.


The conference enabled delegates to learn from global experts on technical topics, marketing and internal business strategy themes and the latest trends in the accounting / corporate finance profession to ultimately help expand their international business opportunities as well as create ideas to refresh and innovate their client service offerings. 


IAPA Member Jan van Wijngaarden, Partner, JM Corporate Finance said, “This was a wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect with my EMEA colleagues, as well as those further afield, to ensure JM Corporate Finance has reliable and trusted business advisory support for its clients, wherever in the world they may want to expand into.   

In addition, the thought leadership exchanged between IAPA global business advisors offered us a welcomed platform to discuss and better understand topics such as disruptive technologies / data analytics and marketing strategies for the professional services, offering insights into how accountancy / corporate finance firms can adapt to remain competitive. These discussions are important to JM Corporate Finance and allow us to keep abreast of change, think more strategically and explore additional benefits for our clients.” 

Key speakers at the conference included Yapincak Erkan, Yasha Consulting and Training Services who presented on ‘How to best market your business and reach a wider audience with your services’, Susan Olmert, General Electric Global Operations who presented on ‘Inter-company cost transfer management & tax optimization for multinational companies’ and Desmond Maandag, CaseWare IDEA B.V who chaired a specialist forum on Interactive Data Analysis. Terje Brevik and Kjetil Eide from IAPA host firm, MPR Revisjon AS, also delivered an informative talk on ‘Challenges and Opportunities in the Nordic Economies.’


As always, appreciating the country and culture that the conference is located in is important to IAPA and the event included a wonderful networking programme showcasing the delights of beautiful Norway, whilst strengthening important business relationships between IAPA colleagues.


About JM Corporate Finance


JM Corporate Finance was founded in 2009. The company combines the experience of more than 12 senior advisors who each have a proven track record in both SME and international transactions in each and every line of business. Would you like to read more about our international business services, please click here www.jmpartners.nl

Jan van Wijngaarden

About IAPA
IAPA is a global association of independent accounting, business advisory and law firms representing the expertise of over 160 member firms with some 230 offices in some 65 countries around the world. For more information visit: www.iapa.net or contact Louise Norbury, at l.norbury@iapa.net.

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