Deelname JM Partners aan IAPA International Conference in Miami

JM Corporate Finance in Breda/Amsterdam was among 20 global members attending IAPA’s US Regional Conference, held in Miami, 19-21 May.  JM Corporate Finance is a member of IAPA, a top 10 international association of independent accounting and business advisory firms with some 190 member firms in 65 locations.

The annual event predominantly connected IAPA’s North American based accounting and business advisory firms, however attracted members from around the world to exchange views on the latest developments in the international trading environment, to share valuable methods of best practice and to discuss best ways for IAPA to strengthen and develop in North America.

JM Corporate Finance has a growing number of clients who are involved in cross border corporate finance business. Performing a Due Diligence, a company valuation, obtaining finance, negotiations are all expert areas of our corporate finance firm where the knowledge of international business practice becomes more and more important. Our attendance at this conference benefits both our clients and those who are considering entering new geographic markets, by strengthening our relationships with professional experts across the world, particularly in Northern America” 
- Jan van Wijngaarden, partner at JM Corporate Finance

“The relationships we have built and the knowledge we have gained at the conference allow us to enrich our service offerings as we extend our global knowledge and appreciate how to work across borders more effectively. In addition, sharing methods of best practice allows us to take ideas back to our offices to improve productivity and creative thinking that both benefits our clients and motivates our staff.”

About JM Partners Corporate Finance
JM Corporate Finance was founded in 2009. The company combines the experiences of more than 10 senior advisors who each have a proven track record in both SME and international transactions in each and every line of business.

About IAPA
IAPA is a global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing the expertise of some 190 member firms in 65 countries around the world. For more information visit: www.iapa.net or contact Louise Norbury, at l.norbury@iapa.net.

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